Important Announcement re: After Hours Advice Line

As you know medical costs continue to climb and we are currently confronted with the need to change, and pay significantly more for, our after hours advice calls.  We are committed to providing thorough and timely medical advice for your family, including after hours. 

After an extensive search and review process, we are pleased to announce that starting on 2/1/24 we, along with all UBCP-affiliated practices, will be offering after hours advice through a new group, Anytime Pediatrics.  

When our office is closed, including on holidays, you may call Anytime Pediatrics for advice at (623) 663-1707. As before, if your child needs an after-hours appointment, appointments can be made at GoHealth in Oakland. One important change to note is that we will bill your insurance for these calls, and that these calls may be subject to a co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible, if not covered by your insurance. 


Prior to making an after-hour call, the providers at Berkeley Pediatrics recommend that you look up your child’s symptoms on the AAP website symptom checker: 



Managing Screen Time for Kids: Striking a Balance for Healthy Development

Screens are now a common part of our society. Your child can easily spend a full day on their screen, but that’s not great for their developmental and physical health. It’s important that you are taking steps to limit how much screen time your child gets each day so that they can still get physical activities in and they aren’t as dependent on their screens for entertainment and comfort. There are steps that you can take to limit your child’s screen time and ensure that they’re developing properly without the overuse of screens.

Limiting Screen Time

Screen time can add up fast. You might let your child watch a few shows or play games on their computer and that can easily add up to hours spent with screens. This doesn’t include any screen time used for homework and in school. An overuse of screen time can lead to issues with sleeping, obesity, and how their relationships work.

It’s important to understand what you can do to limit your child’s screen time while they aren’t in school. You should be setting intentional limits on screen time and communicating these with your child. Many different devices also have features where you can limit how much time is spent on your phone or tablet.

You can also create activities so that your child isn’t as enticed by their screens. It’s important to ensure your child is getting physical exercise and even playing outside when possible. This can help increase their endorphins and provide feelings of happiness in their brain. This can also strengthen your relationship with your child and help them function to the best of their abilities.

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Make sure your child has balance with their screen time! Contact your pediatrician to learn more about how you can create limits with screen time and how less screen time helps your child’s development.

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