Important Announcement re: After Hours Advice Line

As you know medical costs continue to climb and we are currently confronted with the need to change, and pay significantly more for, our after hours advice calls.  We are committed to providing thorough and timely medical advice for your family, including after hours. 

After an extensive search and review process, we are pleased to announce that starting on 2/1/24 we, along with all UBCP-affiliated practices, will be offering after hours advice through a new group, Anytime Pediatrics.  

When our office is closed, including on holidays, you may call Anytime Pediatrics for advice at (623) 663-1707. As before, if your child needs an after-hours appointment, appointments can be made at GoHealth in Oakland. One important change to note is that we will bill your insurance for these calls, and that these calls may be subject to a co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible, if not covered by your insurance. 


Prior to making an after-hour call, the providers at Berkeley Pediatrics recommend that you look up your child’s symptoms on the AAP website symptom checker: 



Well Visits & Immunization Schedules

Well Check Appointments:

Our well visit and vaccination schedule is modeled on the Standard Vaccine Schedule recommended by ACIP. For specific information on each vaccine click on the name of the vaccine below to see more information from the CDC.

Vaccine Schedule recommendations may change according to CDC Guidelines
We recommend yearly well checkups after the age of 3 years.
Please review our website for the most up to date vaccine schedule


Vaccines & Tests

Birth Hepatitis B, Newborn Hearing Test (done at the hospital)
3 days
2 weeks
1 Month Hepatitis B
2 Months Pentacel-(DTaP, HIB, & Polio), Pneumococcal, Rotavirus
3 Months  Well Child Check
4 Months Pentacel-(DTaPHIB, & Polio), Pneumococcal, Rotavirus
6 Months Pentacel-(DTaPHIB, & Polio), Pneumococcal, Rotavirus
9 Months Hepatitis B
12 Months PneumococcalMMRHepatitis A, Hemoglobin & Lead Tests
15 Months HIB, Varicella
18 Months DTaPHepatitis A, Fluoride Dental Treatment
24 Months Oculophoto Screen, Fluoride Dental Treatment Repeat Hemoglobin & Lead Tests if clinically indicated
30 Months  Well Child Check
3 Years Preschool Vision Check, Oculophoto Screen
4 Years DTaP,IPV, MMR, Varicella; TB testing, Vision, Hearing & Occular photo screens
5 Years Vision & Hearing Screens
6 Years
7 Years Well Child Check
8 Years Vision
9 Years Well Child Check
10 Years Vision
11 Years Meningococcal Vaccine (types A,C,Y,W), TDAP, HPV
12 Years HPV #2, Vision
13 Years Well Child Check
14 Years Vision
15 Years Well Child Check
16 Years Meningococcal Vaccine #2, Meningococcal type B, Vision & Hearing Screens
17 Years Meningococcal type B #2
18 Years Vision & Hearing Screens


Note: Berkeley Pediatric Medical Group does not accept families who are unwilling to vaccinate their children. This is against our philosophy of high quality, preventive medicine. We do have suggestions for minimal alternative schedules to protect your infant, based on reputable medical information. We are happy to discuss immunization questions should they arise. Please see our immunization policy.

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