In 2020, there is no such thing as "it's just a cold" without testing

From our current experience with COVID-19 infections in the pediatric population thus far, we know that symptoms of COVID-19 infection can be very mild and overlap with many of the symptoms of common childhood illnesses.  While your child's symptoms could be due a common cold virus, we have had patients who had just a runny nose, or even just sl fussiness who have been positive for COVID-19.  So please DO NOT think of your child's symptoms as "just a cold".  If your child has symptoms, please stay at home.  Please contact us to arrange possible testing for COVID-19.  Daycares and preschools should NOT be letting children back to care who have had symptoms without a negative COVID-19 test and 24 hours without symptoms without medications.  If a symptomatic child has symptoms but did not have a COVID-19 test, they should remain out of grouped care/school for 10 days.  

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