The office is closed today in observance of Martin Luther King Day (1/18/2021)

1/6/2020:   For YOU, for US and for ALL--So excited to report that ALL our providers and staff have received OUR FIRST COVID-19 VACCINES!!!

Do you have a special needs child with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, epilepsy or other specialized health care needs requiring mechanical ventilation or other technological support?  Your family members may qualify to receive the COVID vaccine as a "health care worker" in Phase IA.  Please contact your doctor by MyChart for information and to get documentation to qualify

Please contact the office prior to your appointment if you or your child has ANY of the following symptoms:   runny nose, congestion, sore throat, fever, cough, shortness of breath, vomiting or diarrhea, or loss of taste or smell. 

 Only ONE caregiver will be allowed to attend an in person visit for children older than 2 months.

If you have travelled out of state or by plane in the last 14 days OR is if you have been exposed to an individual with COVID, your visit will need to changed to a virtual visit or rescheduled. 

Travel Update

COVID Vaccine Info

We are able to refer for testing at Benioff UCSF Oakland for ONLY symptomatic  or exposed patients.    Click here for other COVID-19 testing resources.

Injectable influenza vaccines are still available.  Please contact our office to schedule ASAP.  



Please contact the office if you are concerned that your child may have symptoms that could be COVID-19 infection.  We are able to refer symptomatic patients and patients with a significant COVID exposure to Benioff UCSF Children's Oakland for their drive-thru testing (this testing is physician referral only).  There can be a fluctuating delay on appointments/results timing depending on current COVID numbers.  

If your child is asymptomatic but needs a COVID-19 test for another reason e.g. camp, daycare, etc, please see below for resources of where to get tested.  

Please note that if your child needs testing to return to school and is symptomatic,  Berkeley Pediatrics will only write a letter for return to school if your child receives a PCR test for viral genetic material, NOT a rapid antigen test or an antibody test.  Antigen tests have lower validity, and predictive value of an antibody test has not yet been determined.  PCR tests will take at least 1 day to obtain a result.  

Remember that a negative test results only gives you information for that moment in time and that there are false negatives.  Obviously, practicing social distancing (6 feet distance), wearing a mask and good hand hygiene are the key factors in prevention of COVID-19.  

Please note:  there have been recent concerns about some PCR based testing being used in the community e.g. Curative.  While this issue is still being examined, the concerns of validity highlight that these tests should not be used in place of quarantining/isolation guidelines after possible COVID exposure and should not be used in place of social distancing and masking.  

Overview of COVID-19 Testing from CDC


Berkeley Public Health Testing Information

Alameda County Testing Locations--there are community testing sites free of charge

Contra Costa Health Services/CC County

The following clinics administer both rapid antigen and PCR tests (please make sure it is a PCR test).

Carbon Health Clinics

Dignity Health Bay Area

Color Community Site

Renegade--Private testing approx $120 per test/testing site on Martin Luther King, JR CHORI parking lot.  Can submit for insurance coverage on your own.

updated 1/9/2021

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