Influenza vaccines are available now  Call the office or send a request through MyChart for our socially distanced flu clinics.

Help us help you stay safe:  Only ONE caregiver will be allowed to attend an in person visit for children older than 2 months--other caregivers are welcome to video in.  Please contact the office prior to your appointment if you or your child has ANY symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 including runny nose, congestion, sore throat, fever, cough, shortness of breath, vomiting or diarrhea, or loss of taste or smell.  


Berkeley Pediatrics has been working very hard to continue to provide information, support and good clinical care to keep our patients and our staff healthy during these stressful times.    We have made numerous changes throughout the office in light of the current pandemic and likely will make many ymore as the situation evolves.  Please check back here for updates!

We are scheduling in person visits for both well and sick visits so we can provide the best quality care to our patients.  

  • We are also offering telehealth visits for sick visits that are appropriate for virtual care and for well visits if families would like.  
  • Well visits done virtually will followed by an in person brief physical exam visit so that we can perform an exam and any necessary procedures/immunizations
  • ALL sick visits that have symptoms that could be possibly due to COVID-19 will be done as an outside CAR VISIT or CANOPY VISIT instead of inside the office.  

Patient with appointments in the office will enter via the front ramp to the original front door.  We ask that families line up socially distanced outside until the reception window is available.  The front desk will screen the patient and ONE caregiver only with a survey, a temperature check and hand sanitization.  We will also provide a mask for ALL those entering the building > age 2, and ask that this mask is kept on the entire time you are in the office.  Bandanas, neck gators and masks with valves are not acceptable, and you or your child will be given a medical surgical mask.  You will be roomed directly into an exam room that has been cleaned between every patient with surfaces cleaned with viricidal disinfectant.  Providers will maintain 6 feet distance from you within the room when possible during your visit.  We have medical grade air purifiers throughout the office and have removed all books and toys to reduce contamination.  All vaccinations will be given in the exam room.  If procedures need to be done in the lab area, only patient and caregiver from one family group will be allowed in the room.  

After your appointment, please follow the red arrows to exit out the back door.  We hope to create a one way flow in and out of building to minimize congestion and maintain social distancing within the office.  

Please help us with these new procedures by:

  • Wearing an appropriate and well fitting mask at all times during your visit here at Berkeley Pediatrics.  
  • Having only one caregiver come for visits for children older than 2 months (other caregivers are welcome to call or FaceTime into the visit)
  • Maintaining distance when possible within the office in common areas
  • Washing your and your child’s hands at the beginning and end of your visit
  • Asking about telehealth virtual visits if you are uncomfortable with coming into the office
  • Being patient with the staff and providers—we may have longer than normal wait times because of these procedural changes

In these uncertain times, Berkeley Pediatrics is so thankful to have such a wonderful community of providers, staff and patient families.  We could not have weathered the last year without all of your caring, dedication and support.  

Thank you all!!!

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