Important Announcement re: After Hours Advice Line

As you know medical costs continue to climb and we are currently confronted with the need to change, and pay significantly more for, our after hours advice calls.  We are committed to providing thorough and timely medical advice for your family, including after hours. 

After an extensive search and review process, we are pleased to announce that starting on 2/1/24 we, along with all UBCP-affiliated practices, will be offering after hours advice through a new group, Anytime Pediatrics.  

When our office is closed, including on holidays, you may call Anytime Pediatrics for advice at (623) 663-1707. As before, if your child needs an after-hours appointment, appointments can be made at GoHealth in Oakland. One important change to note is that we will bill your insurance for these calls, and that these calls may be subject to a co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible, if not covered by your insurance. 


Prior to making an after-hour call, the providers at Berkeley Pediatrics recommend that you look up your child’s symptoms on the AAP website symptom checker: 



Welcome to Our Practice

We believe in excellent communication, close physician-family relationships, and up-to-date medical practice

Berkeley Pediatrics is committed to providing community-based pediatric health care focused on enhancing the overall health and well-being of children and their families, through the tenets of excellent communication, close physician and family relationships, and up-to-date medical practice.

Berkeley Pediatrics believes in timely immunizations, please view our Immunization Policy (PDF).

Before your child’s 9- and 15-month well-child visits, please complete the Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaire.


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Meet Your Providers

  • Cassidy Mellin, M.D.

    Cassidy Mellin will join Berkeley Pediatrics in June 2024. She grew up in Boston and completed her undergraduate degree at Wesleyan University and received her medical degree from University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Mellin then made the journey out west for her pediatric residency training at UCSF. Prior to joining Berkeley pediatrics, Dr. Mellin spent a few years in Los Angeles where she worked at a community clinic in East LA and at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in the Center for Transyouth Health and Development.  Dr. Mellin lives with her wife, a family medicine doctor, their daughter (born in 2023) and their giant pup, Walter.  They love cooking, eating, hiking and going on outdoor weekend adventures around the beautiful Bay Area. 

  • Saumya Kumar, M.D.

    Saumya Kumar is a Bay Area native and grew up in San Jose, California. After completing her undergraduate degree at UC San Diego, she joined Teach for America, and spent 2 years teaching high school chemistry in New Haven Connecticut where she also got her Masters in Education through Johns Hopkins. She received her medical degree from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, and returned to the Bay Area to complete her pediatric residency from UC San Francisco. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, spending time outdoors with her dog Tommy, drinking coffee, and exploring new restaurants!

  • Pooja Singal, M.D.

    Pooja Singal is a Maryland native who joined Berkeley Pediatrics in April 2023. She completed her undergraduate, public health, and medical education at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and then moved to the Bay Area for Pediatrics residency at UCSF. Prior to joining Berkeley Pediatrics, she was an outpatient pediatrician at a federally qualified health center in San Jose, serving a largely Spanish speaking and uninsured population. She speaks Spanish and Hindi and is passionate about environmental sustainability. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, exploring the East Bay food scene with her husband, and going to the Oakland Zoo with her never-tired daughter (born 2021) and son (born 2023). 

  • Annemary Franks, MD

    Annemary Franks joined Berkeley Pediatrics in 1993. She was born and raised in nearby Santa Cruz. She received her B.A. from Santa Clara University and then an M.D. from Creighton University Medical School in Omaha.

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  • Olivia Lang, M.D.

    Olivia Lang joined Berkeley Pediatrics in the summer of 1999. After completing her undergraduate degree in Human Biology at Stanford University, Dr. Lang moved to Berkeley and continued her studies in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program where she obtained her masters degree in Health and Medical Sciences from UC Berkeley. She received her M.D. and pediatric residency training from UCSF. Outside of the office, Dr. Lang enjoys cooking, hiking, bargain hunting, hosting and party planning and reading. She lives with her husband and their black labradoodle Chanel. She is the proud mom of one young adult daughter who is in graduate school and twin daughters who are currently in college. Dr. Lang is fluent in Mandarin.

  • Katrina E. L. Michel, M.D.

    Katrina Michel is an East Bay native and joined Berkeley Pediatrics in 2013. 

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  • Lisa S. Kalar, MD

    Dr. Lisa Kalar is an East Bay Native, and completed her medical degree and pediatric residency at UC San Francisco. Prior to becoming a physician, Lisa was Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, Wast Africa, where she worked in maternal and child health care (and met her husband, a fellow volunteer).

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  • Nicole Learned, MD

    Nicole joined Berkeley Pediatrics after completing her residency and chief resident year at UCSF.

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  • Shirley Deng, CPNP

    Shirley Deng grew up in sunny SoCal.  She attended Wesleyan as an undergraduate before obtaining her Master's degree as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner from Yale University. She worked for several years at a community health center in New Haven, CT, primarily serving  immigrant and Spanish speaking communities. Shirley joined Berkeley Pediatrics in 2021.   She and her husband now live in Oakland, where she enjoys the diversity of local foods, the natural beauty of the Bay, playing pick-up volleyball, and connecting with friends over tea or a good movie.

  • Jennie Ling, CPNP

    Jennie Ling is a San Francisco native. She attended Wellesley College for her undergraduate studies and completed her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner training at UCSF. She worked in Monterey prior to returning home to the Bay Area to join Berkeley Pediatrics in 2023. Outside of the office, Jennie enjoys finding fun ways to be outdoors (most recently she has been learning how to roller skate!), traveling, reading, and sharing a good meal with friends. 

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